• Cutting wheels for stone Ataman 41 54С 125х2.0х22.23
  • Cutting wheels on a stone Ataman 41 54С 125х2.0х22.23

Cutting wheel for stone Ataman 41 54С 125х2.0х22.23


95% - Silicon carbide

5% - Zirconium

Intended for cutting

marble, fire-resistant brick, concrete, natural and artificial stone


  • the minimum price per one cut in Ukraine
  • using of electrocorundum of special durability
  • the high work resource
  • an exact and safe cut without chips
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The cut-off wheel on a bakelite bond of a straight flat (type 41) is made of a unique abrasive composition: Silicon carbide (54 C) with the addition of Zirconium.

The cut-off wheel is reinforced with durable double-layer fiberglass, which allows cutting at speeds up to 80 m/s, while maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of the cut.

Special features
Special features

Abrasive wheels are used with angle grinders of various capacities with a bore diameter of 22.23 mm. Fast and safe cutting of natural and artificial stone, refractory bricks, concrete and marble products is ensured through excellent balancing of the wheel and the accuracy of the bore.


Consumable abrasive material "Ataman" is resistant to high loads and passess increased safety at work.